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P.S. Kushwah is a well-known teacher in the Gwalior region for Mathematics. His interesting tricks and concepts in layman language making every student grab the concepts easily. His teachings are always remembered by the student in his whole career due to his layman language and easy tricks used in life too. His students are scoring greater than 95% in boards and competitive exams like JEE and various Olympiads. Students have extended their full potential with the guidance of PS Sir and found Mathematics to be the most interesting subject. His motivated & grounded lifestyle makes his vision very clear to provide the best education to students irrespective of his past knowledge. Abhilasha Classes named on his respected parents is the best institute for classes 6 to 12 for Mathematics, Science, English with the best results in the city.

My Vision

A certified professional coach, as well as owner (Abhilasha Classes, an ideal institute of mathematics, Maths by P.S. Kushwah) and founder Mr. Pradeep Singh Kushwah has contributes his skill in many Public welfare and educational events which helped many students to show their potentials and motivate to achieve the best . He had done B.Ed, M.Sc in mathematics, B.Sc and many more

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